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“Hi there.
If you’re surprised at finding an English copywriter living in Germany, it’s because I studied languages at school and left England to make use of the German I learnt there. Since then I have become fluent and am now more or less bilingual.
Hamburg is a great place to live and work and due to the electronic mail, I can send in my copy to anywhere around the world. I’ve been freelance now for a long time and I enjoy the freedom and the variety of subjects I get asked to work on. Whether it is global logistics you’re interested in or mountain bikes you can count on me to write some clever, representative copy.

If you want to see what I can do as an English copywriter then please go to: www.englischertexter.de - there you will find many examples of the work I have written for advertising clients over the years.
Do I also write German copy? I’m afraid not, I can speak German but writing is not my cup of tea, it’s too complicated. I am qualified to teach English as a second language though. “

For Text examples, please go to: www.englischertexter.de

Barry Goward
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